What a wonderful day!

If the happy faces and comments in the Questionnaire were an indication, WriteFest was a great success. Approximately 100 attendees crowded Building 5 of the CQUniversity to attend the workshops and masterclass and take advantage of the day to learn and network.

The editors from Harper Collins interviewed 10 writers and asked eight of them for their full manuscripts. There were some very happy faces coming out of the interview rooms.

Editor Ali Lavau, authors Richard Harland, JJ Cooper and Frances Watts and dramaturg Peter Matheson revealed the secrets of their success while editor Deonie Fiford up-skilled ten writers in her masterclass. CEO of the Queensland Writers Centre presented a very informative workshop on the latest in digital strategies for writers.

It was a great day and worth all the effort. But now it’s back to what I absolutely love – writing! So watch out MM&M, I have the end in my sights and will work like mad to achieve this. But I will also be working on the workshops I will be presenting at the Mackay Writers Silver Jubilee Festival at the end of the month. And thinking about next year’s WriteFest. So if you have any suggestions as to what topics you think would be great covered in a workshop, just let me know.



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