Welcome to my world, where crime and passion collide.

MMM Cover ebook (533x800)I can now add Women’s Fiction to my list of writing genres, with the release of Murder, Mayhem & Men On Pause with Ormiston Press.

It’s not that crime and romance weren’t enough for me, I just had more to give. Friendships, the changes that we go through in life, adult relationships and children are a part of everyone, and I wanted to explore these themes through the lives of three women, Ellie, Kandy and Cass.

Or course there’s still romance and a criminal twist, but this story has more heart and humour.

The print and e-book are available on Amazon.com with the official book launch happening on Wednesday, 22nd June 2016 at the Bundaberg Regional Library. All are welcome to join the celebration!




If you like to read crime with a life-changing love story, or romantic suspense, or fast-paced thrillers that keep the action and the passion alive to the last page, or contemporary romance, I hope my books give you many hours of entertainment. Please feel welcome to explore my world – it might be the kind of place you’ll enjoy visiting.

2015 news:

Sexy romance, without fangs or wings.

It’s an exciting year to have ten books published. My latest releases with Ormiston Press are contemporary romance, so I’m hoping my wonderful fans embrace the change of flavour.  I won’t stop writing thrillers, but I felt the need for a change of pace for a while. A bit of diversity is good for the soul, and you can expect some interesting diversions in the future. But edge-of-your-seat suspense, heart-wrenching love affairs, and twisting plots will still be there. And though I can’t see any fangs or wings in my future, you never know …

No Cure For LoveHe’s back in her life.

But she can’t let him back in her heart.

It’s taken eleven years for Lani Campbell to build a new life and find peace. Peace that is shattered when Luke Tarrant walks back into her life.

Once he’d loved her. Once he’d vowed vengeance on her family. With time had come understanding and acceptance. But when Luke sees Lani again, eleven long years are stripped away and his heart tells him his love has never died, only been denied.

Bewildered by Lani’s reaction to him, Luke searches for answers to the pain and fear he appears to have brought into her life.

When they are forced to share an isolated hut in the rugged Queensland bush, passion re-ignites a flame that has never been extinguished, but will love give Lani the strength to conquer the traumas of her past?

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z TMMShe’s expecting a holiday.

He wants a solution.

Jenna Martin knows a great body when she sees one. After all, bodies are her business. And Braden Fleetwood has the sexiest body she’s seen in a long time.

But one disastrous love affair was enough. She doesn’t need to fall for someone like him.

Braden has always been in control, building up his business empire, protecting his sister, taking pride in his strong-minded niece; but now he is frustrated beyond measure, helpless to restore the shattered lives of the only people he has allowed himself to love.

What he doesn’t want is the woman he needs.

 Can they both learn that healing isn’t always physical?

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z ATDWhen she opens the door of her beach house and a man falls, unconscious, into her arms, Emma Richmond thinks he has survived an accident at sea. But she soon discovers his wounds are bullet wounds, and finds it hard to believe his explanation for them.

Nick Marshall – dynamic, enterprising, a driven man whose private life is exactly that – is a man with secrets.

Emma, struggling with the guilt caused by the death of her estranged husband, a man whose abuse and infidelities failed to break her spirit, is shocked by the desire Nick stirs within her. The last thing she needs is the compelling attraction she feels for this man, who, although he tries to control his physical desire for her, is adamant he will leave as soon as his wounds heal.

Secrets. Lies. Can love conquer their terrible legacy?

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Latest thriller:

My seventh thriller, Grievous Harm, has been released through Clan Destine Press and all good bookstores, and is available as an ebook from Clan Destine Press and Amazon Kindle. The distributor for Clan Destine Press is Dennis Jones & Associates.

My first five books were published with Pan Macmillan Australia and are out of print, but are now available as ebooks through Amazon Kindle and other email retailers as well as Clan Destine Press. Book six, Fatal Flaw, is available in print and ebook.

When a child is in danger, every second counts.

In Sydney, Australia, The Loving Hand church understands how children can be a commodity more precious than gold.

When Kate Maclaren flies in from Los Angeles, desperate to find her missing niece, she opens a door into this world, and uncovers a network of corruption and cruelty that stretches across the country.

Agent John Corey, torn by long-buried guilt, and harbouring secrets he must not reveal, joins forces with Kate to expose the sinister cult before more children disappear. He will risk everything, even defying orders, to help Kate uncover the truth and keep her safe.

But when their journey into Australia’s Outback reveals the psychopath at the centre of the network, it is Kate who discovers she will do anything for the people she loves.


‘Thrilling and compelling, Grievous Harm positively pulsates!’

– Kathryn Fox, author of Fatal Impact.


ISBN: 9 780992 492502

Read an excerpt of Grievous Harm here

Grievous Harm has been shortlisted in the Australian Romance Readers Awards in the romantic suspense category.

Thank you ARRA Awards finalist 2014to all those readers who voted.