How busy the past few months have been. Had a great trip down to the RWAustralia conference in Melbourne. My lovely friend from Germany, Kris Alice, was able to be with us for the journey, and as we travelled by car we were able to show her the Gold Coast and the hinterland behind. Some beautiful places to visit there – waterfalls, mountain lookouts, great walks through the rainforest. Then we travelled to Jenolan Caves in New South Wales. We stayed at the cabins six kilometres above the caves, and the road down to the caves truly taught us the meaning of “hairpin bends”. But it was worth the fingernail imprints in the car door handle because the two caves we saw were magnificent.

Melbourne was cold but the Conference was wonderful. And a great chance to catch up friends and other writers who then become new friends. Fatal Flaw hasn’t been coming along as swiftly as I’d hoped. Caught the flu for the fifth time in the last twelve months and a fuzzy head isn’t conducive to writing. Plus the plot wasn’t going where it needed to go and I had to do lots more research to make sure I got my facts right. That involved some re-writing, and I’m one of those writers who like to get it right the first time, so pressing that Delete button is quite painful for me. Things are looking better now and I’m going to glue my fingers to the keyboard to get Mark Talbert and Julie Evans through all the terrible dangers facing them.