Welcome to my new website

When my mother discovered that the motto on my father’s family crest was I have fought and conquered she was surprised. With the family’s tendency to have no idea of time, she thought it should be Late but in earnest.

As kids, we didn’t live far from school, but we were always the ones rushing in as the bell rang. When we worked in the city, we were the ones racing down the railway station stairs as the train pulled in, hoping the guard would delay signalling the driver to start again long enough for us to pile into the train so we wouldn’t be late for work.

So it comes as no surprise to me to discover how quickly time has been flying by, and with it all my good intentions about up-dating my website. But now it’s done, and I hope readers like the new look.

In July, book six, Fatal Flaw, was published by my German publisher, Bastei Luebbe, as Der Sturm der Ruche, and I’m thrilled to see it has already achieved a four out of five star rating on Amazon.de. I have my fingers crossed that Luebbe will contract my seventh manuscript, Grievous Harm. For those readers who have already read Der Sturm der Ruche I hope you have enjoyed it, and if you noticed a minor character named John Corey, you’ll be able to find him as the main character in Grievous Harm when it’s (hopefully) published.

Book eight is bubbling away in my subconscious at the moment, but taking precedence in my writing day is a women’s fiction book that has three women in their late forties/early fifties getting involved in murder and proving that courage, tenacity and living life to the full has nothing to do with age. I’m sure a lot of women, young and old, will relate to what these characters have to deal with.

A lot of people Downunder celebrate Christmas in July because that’s when we have our winter and we can happily indulge in all those warm goodies people in the northern hemisphere take for granted at Yuletide. So, if I continue that analogy, we’ll now be celebrating New Year, and so I will make a resolution to keep this blog humming.

Cross fingers for me, friends. 🙂