Wonderful news

I’ve nearly driven myself nuts trying to keep quiet about my new publishing deal until all the details are decided, but it’s wonderful to finally announce that Fatal Flaw, my sixth book, will be published in late September by Melbourne publisher, Clan Destine Press. And a bonus is they will be publishing my out-of-print back list as eBooks. After my recent years in the publishing wilderness it’s great to, as one writer friend put it, get back on the horse. Although I appreciate her sentiments, horse-riding and book-publishing seem to have little in common. But I guess if you fall off either one it can be very hard to get back on.

Working with Clan Destine Press has been fantastic in that they have allowed me a say in the cover design. As the publisher says, no-one knows the story as well as the author, so who better to make suggestions that the graphic artist can run with, and turn out a finished product that everyone will think is great. Well, that’s the aim, so I hope that what we put before you, the reader, will do just that and entice you to give my stories a second look.

I didn’t have time to celebrate when the deal was made, but am looking forward to the launch and to seeing Fatal Flaw on bookstore shelves. And I’m especially looking forward to attending the Sisters-in-Crime convention, SheKilda Again, in Melbourne from 7-9 October. I hope some of my readers will be able to come along and share their insights with me.