Reviews for Murder, Mayhem & Men On Pause:

“Another great read by Sandy Curtis. Murder, Mayhem and Men on Pause is the story of three women friends who support each other no matter what. It is mainly Ellie’s story starting from when her marriage falls apart. It’s rewarding to see Ellie picking herself up and starting again. She soon meets a gorgeous uncomplicated guy, a cop named Chris, who is the type of hero we dream about. Kind, brave and supportive. Although it is funny in places, Curtis doesn’t shy away from the unsexy time of life that is menopause and all the problems that come with it in a relationship, but Chris takes it all on board without a complaint. This is a very enjoyable read.”
Cathleen Ross, posted on Amazon

“What an awesome read! I planned to spread reading this book out over a week, but I had it finished in two days (and it’s not a short book!). I just fell in love with the trio of women – especially the main character Ellie, not to mention her hunky love interest. There’s a suspense/crime element to the story and that will keep crime readers well and truly happy, but the relationships between the women really pulled me in, particularly the relationship between Ellie and her daughter Miranda. It’s laugh out loud funny at times, but there’s a real emotional depth to this story, and a super-satisfying ending. Big tick of recommendation from me!”
L Cusack, posted on Amazon

“Loved this book from the first. Ellie, the main character, is going through some life changes. Her friends support her, and together they become involved in solving a crime. Sandy Curtis usually writes romantic suspense, but there is so much more to this story. All the quirky funny day-to-day dramas that engulf Ellie and her two friends, as Ellie tries to make a new start after her husband’s business goes bankrupt and he leaves. And then a new man appears in her life. I enjoyed this book in so many ways, and I can’t recommend it enough.”
Kaye Dobbie, posted on Amazon

“This book keeps you guessing as to which way the storyline will toss and turn. A story of three women who find their futures altering. Mystery, intrigue and a blooming romance with a gorgeous hunk of a man, but is his job going to cause problems for the new romance. I just loved it and couldn’t put it down.”
Customer, posted on Amazon

“I purchased this book for my mum and she loved it so much I had to read it for myself. I like romance, but not the soppy stuff, so this was great. I liked that there were so many elements to the story.”
Customer, posted on Amazon

“A great read, no matter where you are in life. Real characters. Honest lives, A dead body. A happy ending. What more could any reader want?”
Georgette Blakeney, posted on Amazon

“This was such a wonderful story. Everyone should have friends who will share the good times and the bad with you, and help you bury the bodies if necessary. Though in Ellie’s case it was help her solve a murder. I devoured it in one sitting and I know that this is a book I will cherish for many years to come. Any book by Sandy Curtis is an auto buy for me and she never disappoints, especially when the story twists and takes me to unexpected places.”
Shell, posted on Amazon

“Murder, Mayhem and Men on Pause by Aussie author Sandy Curtis was an entertaining read, filled with laugh out loud moments, mystery and a mixture of twists and red herrings. I loved the twist on the title (when I worked out what it was!) – very clever. And when I arrived at the very satisfying ending, I realised there is another to follow! Can’t wait to read it! The three friends are great characters; strong and determined to embrace whatever life throws at them. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Curtis’ previous works, and have no hesitation in highly recommending Murder, Mayhem and Men on Pause to all.”
Brenda Telford, posted on Amazon

Reviews for No Cure For Love:

“I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we meet Lani. Lani is a woman who is broken by her past and the one man she thought that she caused it all is back in her life. She wonders for how long though, and if they both knew the truth of that time would it bring them together or tear them apart.Luke has thought that the woman he loved left him with no explanation. Well he wants one now. He contracts to work at her job as a consultant to make the computer system more efficient. Luke knows there is something still there between him and Lani but can he get her to realize it before she shuts that door for good.This is an amazing story about love, redemption, and the power of the truth. There are many ups and downs in this book and I would highly recommend it.”
Jenny Harris, posted on Amazon

“I was given a gifted copy by Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.
Love is the best thing that ever can happen to a human being. However, when love becomes an obsession it turns into hatred.
Lani and Luke had been in love eleven years ago but something happened and they broke up going separate ways. Now, Luke appears again in Lani’s life which terrifies her. What happened years ago? Why does Lani pulled away every time he tries to touch her? Why is she so angry with him?
Well-written, quick to read, page turned story where the author doesn’t reveal anything till the very end. A great read for anybody.”
Marichus Real, posted on Amazon

“Penetrative and thrilling. The emotions and the struggle in finding love have been beautifully presented. The choice of words is simple and very apt and the language used has fluidity and coherency. Lani’s effort in accepting Luke into her life and denial of her feelings of love for him has been exquisitely presented. It’s truly a remarkable novel and I loved reading it. Speaking of the language once again; they are a masterstroke and so succinctly presented.”
Neeshant Srivastava, posted on Amazon

“No cure for love covers the story of Luke and Lani. It’s been many years since Luke and Lani were together but when Lani faints it is Luke who rescues her but this begins a story of their love. Does Lani have the strength to overcome their past and find love again.Love Sandy Curtis’ writing. Devoured on one read.”
Cathleen Ross, posted on Amazon

“I really enjoyed reading this book. It had saddest and joy and love in it. The story was a very good story about jealous and hated can sometimes make people do things especially if alcohol is in the picture. It is sad that Lani had to go through what she did. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good love story.”
Lydia, posted on Amazon

“Was a great read! Very well written and good story line, I will look for more books from her!”
Rose, posted on Amazon

Reviews of A Tender Deception:

“I enjoyed this book, especially the Queensland setting.”
EMR, posted on Amazon

“A lovely romance with surprising twists and turns and a hint of danger.”
Shell, posted on Amazon

Reviews for The Marriage Merger:

“This book was an unexpected delight. I had many preconceived ideas about it based on the title alone. I wrongly assumed that the book would be the typical rich guy needs to get married for some bizarre reason and then the guy and girl fall in love. I was pleasantly surprised by the nature of the plot. The story was fresh and believable. It drew me in so much so that I completely lost track of time and barely got to my kids’ pick-up line on time.Jenna’s resistance to falling for the hot rich Braden Fleetwood rang true because her reasoning was based on a thoughtful process rather than petulance. She realizes, “That dependency can be misread as attraction, but it’s an attraction which doesn’t outlast the patient’s treatment.” She acknowledges, “I want all the things you despise – marriage for love, children for love.”In the beginning of the book, the author mentions that Braden is immensely wealthy but throughout the story his money doesn’t play into an extravagant lifestyle used to impress Jenna. Again, this made the story charming.I would recommend reading this book.”
Liz Ellyn, posted on Amazon

‘This is a wonderfully written book that will keep you reading until you finish, I know it did for me. This is a great romance that offers everything you would expect from a book of this genre. The story line is inspiring and creative. The dialogue between characters is very well written and there is nice pace to the authors style of writing. It is easy to lose yourself in the story of Jenna and Braden. You will find yourself with a warm hearted feeling while reading this book; I know you will love it. I highly recommend it to anyone.”
Louie, posted on Amazon

“Another fantastic book from a must read author. I gulped it down in no time, really drawn in by the characters and the story. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a gorgeous man willing to do anything to help his young niece. Braden is a strong hero, brought to his knees by his niece’s pain, and Jenna is the perfect woman to heal both their wounds. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a happy ending.”
Shell, posted on Amazon

“The Marriage Merger was a fresh , unique story by Sandy Curtis. It was not the usual love story involving the arrogant jerk and humble heroine and a blackmailed marriage etc..It was a heartwarming novel about Braden and Jenna falling in love under unforeseen circumstances and being drawn to each other through the mutual love of his niece.A well written plot by the author.Character description and dialogue was interesting. I would recommend this romance to others as it was a charming read.”


Grievous Harm:

So great to get my teeth into a Sandy Curtis book again. I have read them all and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one – it’s been a while between “drinks” 🙂

Grievous Harm did not disappoint! A very sensitive topic which I believe was handled well, although it makes my blood boil knowing that this issue (along with the corruption) is real and part of the world in which I live :(”

Paula Clarke, posted on Goodreads


Great read. Really entertaining. Great characters who are made to face some really difficult situations! There are some sensitive issues in the book but the author has handled them with a lot of care – well done to her. And a very satisfying ending, which I’m big on! Overall, great book, great characters – will have to find the rest by this author!”

Sue-Ellen Pashley, posted on Goodreads


“A gritty and emotional read that hooks you in and sets your heart pounding until the last page.”

Shell, posted on Amazon


“Grievous Harm is the latest by Aussie author Sandy Curtis, and in my opinion it’s her best! Full of gripping suspense and terrifying intrigue, the storyline flowed well. The plot was well executed and the characters were flawless. I did feel the resolution was a little rushed at the end, but it certainly didn’t take away my enjoyment of the story. Highly recommended for all lovers of mystery, intrigue and suspense.”

Brenda, posted on Goodreads

A tantalising read that I fully recommend! Fatal Flaw, by Queensland author Sandy Curtis, is a powerful, intense thriller about power, betrayal, old loyalties and how past actions and events can shape the future. It also explores the relationship between children and their parents and emerging love through friendship.

Mark Talbert works for the government in a very secret capacity; his major brief is terrorism.  Having been shot in the line of duty, he’s taking some time out to reassess his life when he receives a message that cuts short his trip trekking the Queensland highlands – and changes everything.

There has been a break-in at home and his father murdered. Mark returns home for the funeral, but it is soon apparent that not all is as it seems. Comforting his step mother at the service is his old childhood friend Julie.  Julie, now a single mum, was someone he could always feel comfortable with and confide in.  Later, over drinks, he is surprised at the depth of his feelings for her and the intense sexual arousal that sparks between them.  Exchanging phone numbers they part with a sense of anticipation.

Mark stays at his father’s house to put his affairs in order. Within days, another break-in, this time the intruder knocking Mark unconscious. Surely two break-ins at the same residence and within days of each other cannot be coincidence? A visit soon after from Mark’s agency informs him that Julie’s father is in business with ‘persons of interest’.  Mark is ordered to investigate him, will this deception cost him their new and beautiful relationship?

Seemingly unrelated deaths may be connected to both Julie and Mark’s fathers, and Mark must stay one step ahead of the enemy in order to keep Julie and her son Andy safe. Then her father unknowingly places her in the hands of a terrorist, one who is about to unleash unspeakable horror on the city. However, is there more than one enemy at work?

I loved this story because it had all the usual suspects of a murder, intrigue, international terrorism, and good versus evil, all interwoven with a beautiful love story. This is Sandy Curtis’ sixth book and the second outing for Mark Talbert, (Dangerous Deception). It is a fast moving, intriguing suspense thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last page.”

Gaile Hughes, posted on the Marianne Delacourt website

“Sandy Curtis is such an innocent looking author – it’s hard to believe she has such a fiendish mind. And I say this because her latest thriller Fatal Flaw is full of villains, dastardly plots and one seriously disturbed killer.

One of the characters from Sandy’s previous novel Dangerous Deception returns as the main character this time – Mark Talbert, a covert Government operative who is recuperating from a serious injury. Mark renews his acquaintance with Julie Evans when he returns home for his father’s funeral, and it’s all looking promising until a terrorist threat necessitates his return to work.

There are a number of plot lines running concurrently through Fatal Flaw – one a terrorist plot, and the other a good old serial killer/vengeance plot. Unfortunately for Julie she is linked to both, and our hero Mark has to save the world, the country and the girl he loves all at the same time… It’s a big ask.

If I had one slight criticism, it would be that I don’t believe the international terrorist plot was really necessary, as the bones of the story and the characters are strong enough to more than carry the reader through the book.

Sandy’s stories are always meticulously plotted, and this is no exception. I do think her two main characters are possibly her best yet, and her villain is a real eye-popper. The action is relentless, the locales familiar and the sex scenes hot as always – what more could a reader want?”

Bundaberg Regional Library

“BETWEEN the homicidal maniac who’s out for revenge, the international terrorist who’s plotting the murder of thousands, the P-plate hit man seeking to make a name for himself and the five school friends covering up a decades-old crime, this thriller wouldn’t have had a more comprehensive cast of killers if it was set in the middle of Long Bay jail.

As it is, the fact there are still people alive by page 257 speaks either to an incredible amount of luck on the part of the victims or an equal amount of incompetence on the part of the criminals – ultimately it’s hard to say which.

In any case, the action opens with a particularly gruesome scene involving a toddler, a knife and a forced suicide.

For a while proceedings are a struggle to follow, thanks to the sheer number of characters being introduced, axes being ground and murders being planned, but it’s worth hanging in there because, once the smoke clears, a pretty compelling storyline opens up.

The plot surrounds security operative Mark Talbot, whose burgeoning relationship with an old school friend, Julie Evans, is threatened by: (a) her father’s willingness to deliver her up to terrorists; (b) the frequency with which his life is threatened; and (c) the number of people around her who are being bumped off.

Ultimately their romance seems doomed, if only because his house is being burnt down right around the same time as she’s being wooed by a psychopath and her teenage son is being kidnapped. In the face of all this carnage, it’s hard to envisage a happy ending for all and it’s fair to say that anyone hoping for one is likely to be disappointed.

Crime lovers, though, will be more than satisfied.

VERDICT: Watch your back.”

Michelle Cazzulino, The Daily Telegraph


“All I can say is I loved this!  Sandy has taken the Genre of Aussie Romantic Suspense and made it her own.  Very well written, fast paced with some very interesting sex scenes :) I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Based in Brisbane Queensland the story starts with a murder, a cold calculated murder, a baby held as hostage, threatened with death and a grandfather that dies protecting his grandson.  Already  the questions start stacking up in your mind.  Enter our hero and heroine Mark and Julie.  Mark son of the deceased and Julie good friend from school days.  Each have their secrets, each have their demons to deal with.  The murderer is introduced and you quiver to find….  maybe I would be giving too much away.

Julie and Mark work together to build a complicated relationship, between Julie’s teenage son, Mark’s demanding career, a murderer bent on revenge and a terrorist attack in Brisbane.  Well, easiest to say, I couldn’t put it down.

Sandy,  I am first in line for the other five!  This one blew me away!  Well built characters, the romantic suspense was well done and ….. LOVE THE ENDING!!!

Not a big follower of romantic suspense, Helene Young is my only other favourite, I think you guys have converted me to a good read.

Thanks Sandy for the opportunity to review your book.   I know why you have had six published!  A great read!”

Kelly McLean, posted on Aussie Book Reviews


“Dangerous Deception is a page-turner with all the elements of the classic airport novel: action, mystery, intrigue, double crosses, relentless pursuits, sexual tension and a nail-biting climax. In Matthew Reilly-style punchy chapters, Sandy Curtis has written an ideal travelling companion for a long journey or a day at the beach. This book is instantly addictive and pure escapism.”

Lachlan Jobbins (freelance reviewer)
Australian Bookseller & Publisher

“A taut suspense thriller …”

Gold Coast Bulletin

“Dangerous Deception is an intricately plotted, fast moving thriller, with absorbing characters and an intriguing plot. Fans of this book should also try some earlier novels, in particular Deadly Tide or Until Death.”

Sue Gammon (ABC Wide Bay Queensland)

“Dangerous Deceptions is a frantic thriller that starts fast, travels like lightning from Melbourne to Brisbane and delivers more than the odd twist along the way. This is an ideal book for lovers of thrillers and lovers of romance novels alike.”


“This is an action-packed, well-written thriller…”
“If you enjoy action, complicated plots and a hint of romance, then this is the book for you.”

Sisters in Crime Australia Inc.

“Be warned: the cracking pace of this book never lets up. What was the shattering information that researcher Breeanna should have been given by the now paralysed Professor Raymond? Why is she on the run? Who is after her? Her family has secrets to hide as Rogan McKay, hunting for his missing brother, soon learns. Have chocolate on hand to keep your energy levels up as you keep the pages turning.”

Woman’s Day

“Fast-paced and fluid, combining all out confrontation with subtlety and even a romance crammed in there too, Until Death is a compelling thriller from the opening page to the last.”

“Queensland author Sandy Curtis continues her impressive run as a thriller writer with the release of her fourth novel, Until Death. Curtis arrived on the literary scene with a formidable impact thanks to her suspenseful debut Dance with the Devil. It was followed by the equally diverting Black Ice and Deadly Tide.”

Gold Coast Weekender

“Until Death is a fast-paced thriller, with a twist of romance. This is the fourth offering from author Sandy Curtis who manages to make each successive book a little more complex. A gripping read.”

Sally Murphy,

“Curtis develops good plots.”

Weekend Australian

“Sandy Curtis writes with a lot of flair seamlessly combining a furious well-constructed thriller with an emotion charged love affair.”

Australian Crime Fiction Database at

“One can safely make a note of this new Australian author’s upcoming releases. An exciting plot and romance guarantee pure reading pleasure.”

Uschi, Die Romantische Buecherecke
(Uschi, The Romantic Bookcorner)

“Sandy Curtis is back and living up to the promise revealed in her first novel Dance with the Devil. That book announced a splendid talent in the competitive field of crime and suspense and that is confirmed in Black Ice.”

Gold Coast Bulletin

“In her latest romantic suspense novel Black Ice, Sandy Curtis again delivers on the promises she made to readers who read her first book Dance with the Devil. In a novel full of twists and turns, Sandy satisfies the lovers of romance with a poignant story of love rediscovered, as well as fans of suspense by delivering an enthralling read that gathers momentum chapter by chapter. The book also showcases a part of Australia that is unrivaled in its beauty. Not just a women’s book, Black Ice crosses all the boundaries in true mainstream style and will appeal to male readers as much as the traditional romance audience.”

Jenny Brassel, Romance Writers of America Australian Chapter

“Despite featuring a string of murders across two continents, Black Ice is a novel of surprisingly intimate scope. Curtis is just as interested in what her characters are feeling as what they’re doing, letting us into their innermost thoughts in a way that’s rare for a suspense novel. This comes at the expense of her story, with a plot that’s less rigorous than many similar thrillers but which actually works in the novel’s favour. The loose, organic form that events take here feels a lot closer to reality than those books driven more by mechanical, if smooth-working, plots. By keeping the focus on her characters, she gives even minor plot developments a hefty punch; a character we care about’s stubbed toe is a lot more involving than a race against the clock run by someone we don’t. Black Ice is a strong addition to the growing list of quality local thrillers.”

Anthony Morris, Geelong Advertiser

“Set on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and in Cairns, this thriller has an authentic touch with plenty of intriguing twists and turns. It’s the story of an artist haunted by memory loss and the American who tracks her down to reveal the gaps. The final twist is quite unexpected.”

Kerry Heaney, 50 Something magazine

“If you’re after mystery and intrigue, this new novel from Bundaberg-based writer Sandy Curtis is for you. Artist Kirri Smith has a whirlwind affair with businessman Daniel Brand in New Orleans. Both are haunted by secrets from their past; but that doesn’t explain why Kirri doesn’t recognise Daniel when she encounters him again in Queensland. Events take an even more inexplicable turn when Daniel falls victim to a hit-and-run driver. Seems that both Daniel and Kirri are in the sights of ruthless killers; the only question is why?”

Travellink magazine

“Sandy Curtis’s Black Ice is proof of her talent in developing well-rounded and well-motivated characters. Black Ice tells a story of great contrasts … a tender loving relationship – beautifully portrayed – and a dark and violent danger…
The fast pace never let up and even took on an action movie quality with its very short scenes and rapid changes in point of view. Then there were those passionate love scenes and several plot twists towards the end that took me by surprise and kept me in suspense until the very last page. All in all: A treat!”

A Romance Review

“Dance with the Devil is a rattlingly good adventure and it is clear that Bundaberg-based Sandy Curtis revelled in its telling. Increasingly adventurous in her own right – the mother of three has tried paragliding and hot-air ballooning is next on her agenda – she has exploited her new literary freedom but never loses control of the narrative. Dance with the Devil mixes love and menace, danger and daring, human nature and nature itself and does so with aplomb. Her publisher agrees … Sandy Curtis has already been contracted to write two more novels.”

Gold Coast Weekender

“This is a romance novel with a difference and is the first by Queensland writer Sandy Curtis. The publishers are confident she has hit on a best-selling style – romance with real-life characters.”

Sunday Life, Sunshine Coast Sunday

“Sandy Curtis has made an amazing debut. Dance with the Devil combines action, adventure, suspense and romance in a very readable package… It’s like reading a Matthew Reilly novel with romance added.”

Robinsons Book News

“Close your windows and doors, draw the curtains and curl up in your bed with Sandy Curtis’ Dance With The Devil…
Isolated, humid heat, storms filled with electricity, the wonder of giving birth and a newborn life, the danger of crocodiles, snakes and untamed nature, bodies responding to the calls of nature (impulsive, passionate and heated), an unseen thread, fear and longing battling for their share of attention, emotions and feelings with no way to escape scrutiny, no place to hide from hurt and disappointment – all that is not Queensland, the sunshine state, but as described in Dance With The Devil, a side of it that is dark, disturbing, seductive and dangerous.
Sandy Curtis’ competent, steady and strong voice gives the reader the freedom to concentrate on well-drawn characters and a riveting story with love scenes that are not only hot, but also radiate tenderness and love in an exchange of giving and taking.
Ms. Curtis achieves a sense of awe for the beauty and power of Queensland, and its population, better than any guidebook.”

Excerpts from A Romance Review