Please don’t give me a break …

because the one I have is enough. Unfortunately it’s not a publishing offer or anything wonderful like that, but a spiral fracture of the upper right arm. Dashed out of bed at 4am to close the windows when rain poured down, hooked my foot on the bed leg, and crashed into the wall. The bone may be called the humerus but I didn’t find it very funny at the time 🙂
So now I’m in plaster from shoulder to elbow, with a collar-and-cuff sling, and learning to do things with my left arm. Typing is slow but I’m getting there. Brushing my teeth is a different matter. Just like I can’t reverse a trailer on the car (I’m sure I’m spatially dyslexic), I couldn’t get my left hand to brush satisfactorily (okay, I know I’m paranoid when it comes to having clean teeth but be kind to me) so I asked my darling husband (who is showing patience I didn’t know he had – or maybe he’s feeling guilty because he left the windows open when it was stormy weather) to buy me an electric toothbrush. This resulted in another discovery – if you don’t like the speckled bathroom look, don’t turn on the brush before you put it in your mouth.

Having good friends is wonderful all the time, but especially when something like this happens. Because I’m plastered and trussed like a Christmas turkey, my gorgeous friend Lyn brought over several of her singlet tops which are a couple of sizes bigger than mine, cut the shoulder straps and sewed on velcro so I can step into one and my husband pulls it up and fastens it at the shoulders. One of her shirts goes around the bulky arm so I am at least looking presentable on trips to doctors etc.

After all the flooding and now the destruction from Cyclone Yasi, I feel bad even mentioning my arm problem, but wanted to explain why I’ve been so slack in blogging. I hope that everyone affected by the floods and the cyclone can recover as quickly as possible. My thoughts and prayers are with them. I’m anxiously waiting news about a friend in Innisfail as I haven’t been able to make contact with her. She and eight others sheltered in the bathroom while Cyclone Larry tore most of her house to shreds around them in 2006, so I’m hoping Yasi has spared her this time.