How did it get to be two weeks before Christmas? Like most people I know, I’m asking where did 2009 go? I wish I could say I spent most of it writing, but unfortunately life kept interfering. I have, however, made progress with MM&M and am happy with the way the story is going.

Most writers will admit that there comes a point in the story where the characters take over, or try to. Usually I let them because they often know where the story is going better than I do. At the moment Ellie has surprised me because she’s created a scenario that allows readers to understand her a bit more, and relate to what she’s going through.

Our little grandson helped me erect and decorate our Christmas tree last weekend. Kids make Christmas so much more enjoyable, don’t they. If only we could feel that same innocent sense of excitement throughout our lives. Unfortunately, life rarely pans out like that, and perhaps that’s why the plot for MM&M keeps taking me on twisted paths and exciting discoveries – it’s emulating life.

What do you readers wish for for Christmas?

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