Dance With The Devil

Dance with the Devil
Dance with the Devil

In the eye of a storm, as Dr Emma Randall prepares to bury one man, another enters her life with the force of the cyclone gathering around them.

Drew Jarrett, his feet and hands torn by nail wounds, has stumbled onto her isolated farm in the O’Connor Valley, with no clue to the identity of the man who has injured him. But he will come to know that someone wants to kill him – and that he wants Emma more than he has ever wanted any woman.

Emma fights to deny her feelings for Drew, but the growing danger that surrounds her and this mysterious stranger will create an intimacy between them she could never have imagined. As Emma and Drew join forces, their need to stop a killer will soon be rivalled only by their need for each other …

In Dance with the Devil, menace and love meet in a story as suspenseful as it is passionate.

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Dance with the Devil is a rattlingly good adventure and it is clear that Bundaberg-based Sandy Curtis revelled in its telling. Increasingly adventurous in her own right – the mother of three has tried paragliding and hot-air ballooning is next on her agenda – she has exploited her new literary freedom but never loses control of the narrative. Dance with the Devil mixes love and menace, danger and daring, human nature and nature itself and does so with aplomb. Her publisher agrees … Sandy Curtis has already been contracted to write two more novels.

Gold Coast Weekender

This is a romance novel with a difference and is the first by Queensland writer Sandy Curtis. The publishers are confident she has hit on a best-selling style – romance with real-life characters.

Sunday Life, Sunshine Coast Sunday

Sandy Curtis has made an amazing debut. Dance with the Devil combines action, adventure, suspense and romance in a very readable package… It’s like reading a Matthew Reilly novel with romance added.

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Close your windows and doors, draw the curtains and curl up in your bed with Sandy Curtis’ Dance With The Devil…

Isolated, humid heat, storms filled with electricity, the wonder of giving birth and a newborn life, the danger of crocodiles, snakes and untamed nature, bodies responding to the calls of nature (impulsive, passionate and heated), an unseen thread, fear and longing battling for their share of attention, emotions and feelings with no way to escape scrutiny, no place to hide from hurt and disappointment – all that is not Queensland, the sunshine state, but as described in Dance With The Devil, a side of it that is dark, disturbing, seductive and dangerous.

Sandy Curtis’ competent, steady and strong voice gives the reader the freedom to concentrate on well-drawn characters and a riveting story with love scenes that are not only hot, but also radiate tenderness and love in an exchange of giving and taking.

Ms. Curtis achieves a sense of awe for the beauty and power of Queensland, and its population, better than any guidebook.

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