Welcome to my world, where crime and passion collide.

If you like to read crime with a life-changing love story, or romantic suspense, or fast-paced thrillers that keep the action and the passion alive to the last page, I hope my books give you many hours of entertainment. Each book is complete in itself, but the characters share connections to the previous books. Please feel welcome to explore my world – it might be the kind of place you’ll enjoy visiting.

My sixth book, Fatal Flaw, is now on sale in print through Clan Destine Press and all good bookstores, and as a ebook from Clan Destine Press and Amazon Kindle. The distributor for Clan Destine Press is Australian Book Group.

My first five books were published with Pan Macmillan Australia and are out of print, but are now available as ebooks through Amazon Kindle as well as Clan Destine Press.


A city in danger.

Thousands will die.

What would you sacrifice to save them?

The woman he loves holds the key to his father’s murder.

Operative Mark Talbert’s father is murdered, the agency he works for has him hunting terrorists, and the only connection is the father of Julie Evans, the woman he loves.

The men she loves all want to use her.

Her father has placed Julie Evans in the hands of a terrorist determined to unleash horror on an unprepared city. She needs someone she can depend on, but can she trust the man she loves?

Some acts can never be forgiven.

People are dying. People who seem to have nothing in common until Mark discovers his father’s involvement in a decades-old crime. A killer is taking a calculated revenge.

A revenge that threatens Mark, Julie, and Julie’s son … and the terrorists are making their final move.

ISBN: 978-0-9807900-9-2

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