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It’s such a great feeling when the words flow onto the screen almost of their own volition. My fingers might be typing, but it’s as though they’re not there, as though my brain is feeding directly into the computer.

All writers know that feeling of being “one” with their story. The joy of it is wonderful – it keeps you writing through those hard times when your plot falls apart, when your characters won’t “come alive”, when every word you write feels like it’s being dragged from the deepest part of your psyche, reluctant to come into the world in case it’s the wrong one.

For the past week my story has been flowing. I’m hesitant to even say those words in case the well of creativity dries up overnight. Ellie is right where she needs to be, both physically and emotionally, Cass is her usual solid and dependable self, and Kandy is entering that scary land where wives doubt every word their husband utters.

We’ve had so much rain that when evening falls we feel like we’re living in Swamp Hollow. Frogs everywhere! Big and small green ones, fat mottled brown and cream ones about the size of a 50c coin that I call cranky frogs because if they’re not happy with something their croak has a distinctively angry tone, long brown-striped ones with skinny legs, and I haven’t pinpointed the ones that sound like they are sending out Morse code. Although the noise makes watching television a problem, it’s a delight to know that if the number of frogs is an indication, the health of our little patch in the world is quite good.

2 thoughts on “Words on the page

  • 04/05/2010 at 8:53 pm

    Toni, I must apologise for taking so long to reply. I have been almost overwhelmed by all the work I have had to do for WriteFest. And although my flow of words didn’t dry up, my energy did, and so did my computer as it died on me twice. But I’m back on track now and once WriteFest is over (in 12 days) I will be more than happy to do an ed con through QWC for you if you decide to go ahead.
    Don’t worry about not having read my books – there are so many books published it would be impossible for anyone to read them all. Plus mine are out of print now, though you might find one or two still in some bookstores.
    You’re writing a futuristic murder mystery trilogy? Shades of JD Robb. Have you read her books? She also writes as Nora Roberts in the romance genre. Very prolific author and a great storyteller.
    That’s something all writers strive to be – great storytellers. As I tell writers when I do a workshop, “You have to learn to read like a writer and not as a reader. Analyse why a scene or a character works or doesn’t work. Be aware of how the story is constructed, if it flows or doesn’t flow. Does it have a satisfactory resolution?”
    I love presenting workshops and sharing what I have learned with aspiring writers. It’s the sort of thing I wish was available to me when I first started writing as a teenager. Perhaps I would have kept writing instead of letting it slide until I was a lot older. But I am happy with my writing, especially when a reader lets me know they have enjoyed my books, because I believe that it’s a writer’s job to provide entertainment for the reader. If I have succeeded in doing that, then all the effort has been worth it.

  • 26/02/2010 at 5:04 pm

    I can’t believe you wrote this. It’s as if you snuck into my head and stole my words. These are almost the same words I used to someone last week when describing my own writing process. The only difference being that I described it additionally as spying on a parallel world and writing what I saw. I don’t ever know what will appear on the page as my characters take on flesh and voice.
    Your words speak to me, so in spite of the fact that I haven’t read your books (sorry) I know I will enjoy them, and very soon. As a member of QWC I came across your name when looking for an editorial consultant and if I decide to go down that path perhaps you wouldn’t object to my nominating you as my EC? I am currently writing book 2 of a futuristic murder mystery trilogy and am having a break by writing my first romance, just for the sheer fun and ease of it.
    I am off to order one of your books. Cheers.


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