Guess whose shoes?

Had a fantastic time at the Romance Writers of Australia Conference. It was lovely to catch up with old friends and make new ones and find out what the writing industry is up to from the viewpoints of publishers, editors, agents, and just as importantly, authors.

I took some happy snaps at the Friday night cocktail party, but strangely, most of these came out with a very pink tinge. I was beginning to think it was some magical RWA magic until I went into the foyer and took a couple more happy pics. Some of these are on my facebook page, including this one:

Now, who do you think would own these delightful items of footwear? Here are the damsels whose only distress was knowing that the party was over and they had to go back to their rooms. Or out to dinner. Or to the bar …

Yes, it’s Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books fame, fabulous author and Conference Convenor Shannon Curtis (no relation, I promise), and NY Times bestselling author Cherry Adair.

Here is Shannon in her Conference Convenor/Crisis Warden/is-everything-in-this-cocktail-party-really-pink? mode:

Shannon Curtis in crisis mode.

Look what popped up

I know the Romance Writers of Australia national conference took place in August and it’s now October, but my friend Jacque Duffy has just sent me a photo she took of me with the gorgeous bellhop and the fabulous shaggin’ wagon … ooops, I mean panelvan, that was parked in the entrance to the QT Hotel at the Gold Coast where the conference was held.

The bellhop, the author, and the panelvan
The bellhop, the author, and the panelvan

Next year’s RWA conference is in Perth, Western Australia. I wonder what they’ll have on offer …