Black Ice

Black Ice
Black Ice

Artist Kirri Smith is haunted by the memory loss she suffered in New Orleans, and plagued by fear of what it may hide.

When American Daniel Brand walks into Kirri’s art gallery on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, their encounter results in a startling revelation – one which will have tragic outcomes for Kirri’s family.

A past act of deception has created killers who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Kirri and Daniel are flung into a nightmare of suspicion and lies when the killers’ plan takes a terrifying new twist …

From the author of Dance with the Devil comes a compelling new novel where danger and obsession collide.

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Sandy Curtis is back and living up to the promise revealed in her first novel Dance with the Devil. That book announced a splendid talent in the competitive field of crime and suspense and that is confirmed in Black Ice.

Gold Coast Bulletin

In her latest romantic suspense novel Black Ice, Sandy Curtis again delivers on the promises she made to readers who read her first book Dance with the Devil. In a novel full of twists and turns, Sandy satisfies the lovers of romance with a poignant story of love rediscovered, as well as fans of suspense by delivering an enthralling read that gathers momentum chapter by chapter. The book also showcases a part of Australia that is unrivaled in its beauty. Not just a women’s book, Black Ice crosses all the boundaries in true mainstream style and will appeal to male readers as much as the traditional romance audience.

Jenny Brassel, Romance Writers of America Australian Chapter

Despite featuring a string of murders across two continents, Black Ice is a novel of surprisingly intimate scope. Curtis is just as interested in what her characters are feeling as what they’re doing, letting us into their innermost thoughts in a way that’s rare for a suspense novel. This comes at the expense of her story, with a plot that’s less rigorous than many similar thrillers but which actually works in the novel’s favour. The loose, organic form that events take here feels a lot closer to reality than those books driven more by mechanical, if smooth-working, plots. By keeping the focus on her characters, she gives even minor plot developments a hefty punch; a character we care about’s stubbed toe is a lot more involving than a race against the clock run by someone we don’t. Black Ice is a strong addition to the growing list of quality local thrillers.

Anthony Morris, Geelong Advertiser

Set on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and in Cairns, this thriller has an authentic touch with plenty of intriguing twists and turns. It’s the story of an artist haunted by memory loss and the American who tracks her down to reveal the gaps. The final twist is quite unexpected.

Kerry Heaney, 50 Something magazine

If you’re after mystery and intrigue, this new novel from Bundaberg-based writer Sandy Curtis is for you. Artist Kirri Smith has a whirlwind affair with businessman Daniel Brand in New Orleans. Both are haunted by secrets from their past; but that doesn’t explain why Kirri doesn’t recognise Daniel when she encounters him again in Queensland. Events take an even more inexplicable turn when Daniel falls victim to a hit-and-run driver. Seems that both Daniel and Kirri are in the sights of ruthless killers; the only question is why?

Travellink magazine

Sandy Curtis’s Black Ice is proof of her talent in developing well-rounded and well-motivated characters. Black Ice tells a story of great contrasts … a tender loving relationship – beautifully portrayed – and a dark and violent danger…

The fast pace never let up and even took on an action movie quality with its very short scenes and rapid changes in point of view. Then there were those passionate love scenes and several plot twists towards the end that took me by surprise and kept me in suspense until the very last page. All in all: A treat!

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