Ormiston Press Covers (current)

z ATDz TMMNo Cure For Love











Clan Destine Press Covers (re-issued)




Clan Destine Press Covers (second publications)

Dance with the Devil coverBlack Ice eBook coverDeadly Tide coverDangerous-Deception-cover








Until Death CoverFatal-Flaw-front-coverGrievous-Harm-front-cover











German Editions

Fatal Flaw - German CoverDangerous Deception - German CoverFatal Flaw - German ed Jan 2013 (Large)Black Ice - German Cover - Summer edition








Until Death - German CoverBlack Ice - GermanDance with the Devil - GermanFatal Flaw - German hardcover








Deadly Tide - German











Pan Macmillan Covers (first publications)

  book2-bi-cover  book5-dd-cover

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